Cloth Diapers of today aren't the flat squares your mother used.  Although they are still around.  Learn what there is today and how convenient they really are! 

Whats the difference between a fitted and an AIO? Aren't flats and prefolds the same thing?

Flat - Large 1 layer square of fabric, usually 27x27 inches. You fold this numerous times to fit the baby. Most economical form of diapers. No sizing up required. Very large learning curve. Fastest drying time. Easy and thorough cleaning. Must double up for older babies and heavy wetters.

Prefold - A flat that has already been folded and sewn into place. Still needs to folded around the baby. Next most economical form of diapering. Comes in several sizes: Premie, Infant, regular, premium and toddler. Typically refered to by the number of layers on the sides and middle. For instance 4x8x4 means there are 4 layers on each side and 8 layers in the middle. Some infants, all premiums and toddlers have those layers. 4x6x4 is regulars and some infants. Premie has 2x6x2.There are different kinds of prefolds made out of different fabrics. DSQ (diaper service quality) Indian, Chinese are the most common. Some WAHMs make prefolds out of things like Hemp, flannel, terry, or other fabrics. The only type you want to avoid is the gerbers that don’t specifically say DSQ.

Contour or prefitted - A shaped diaper with no closures. They might have elastic in the waist and legs, some do not. Some you can lay in a wrap, others can be wrapped around the baby and held closed with pins or snappi. Needs a cover. Some come in various sizes, while others are one sized. Made mostly by wahms, though kissaluvs mass produces a contour.

Fitted - Basically a paper diaper but made of cloth requiring cover. Unless the diaper is made with a snap in soaker most have a long drying time. Some are various sizes and other are one sized. A popular one sized fitted diaper is Motherease. A popular fitted diaper with various sizes is Kissaluvs.

AIO - All in ones are just like your paper diapers but you wash them. A long drying time is the biggest draw back. Most are not good for bf babies and the poo leaks out easily. The easiest of all diaper methods it is also the most expensive. Great for baby sitters, day cares and the like. A popular AIO is bumkins. AI2s also fit in this category.  They include a soaker that is laid in or snapped in for faster drying and better cleaning.

Pocket diapers - A cover with a fleece or suede inner and a pocket (opening) in which to “stuff” the absorbant inner. One of the most expensive diapering options, the design makes for thorough cleaning and quick drying. The inner keeps babies feeling dry which makes this diaper great for night time. You can customize the absorbancy to fit your babies needs, night time, naps and car trips. Popular pockets would be Fuzzi Bunz (FB), Happy Heinys (HH), and Wonderoos (a onesize pocket).

Typically newborns have very explosive poo. The best diapers for nbs are fitteds with gussetted covers, but other diapers will work just fine too.