Here are some pictures to help you on your sewing adventure.  These Instructions can be used to make a fitted or pocket or AIO.  Remember to have fun and feel free to email me with questions!


If your are using Aplix or touch tape sew that on first.  I have never used snaps myself but I assume they would also be put on first.  I don't recommend velcro.  Aplix is far superior, comes in a variety of colors and sizes and is much softer and last longer.  Use a zig zig stitch.  You may need a stablizer fabric if your fabric is really thin. 


Put your outer fabric and the inner fabric right sides together.  If you are making an AIO or Fitted with a hidden layer be sure that layer isn't facing your outer fabric.  You should see that layer on top.  As far as patterns go.  You can take your favorite diaper and trace around it (be sure to stretch out the elastic) or take the measurements from your child and get a custom fit. 


Sew all the way around the diaper leaving an opening either in the front (for fitteds, aios or pockets) or in the back (for pockets only).  Add elastic to the legs and waist.  Don't precut the elastic, it will make it too difficult to work with.  Take the end stitch down and secure.  With the needle in the elastic stretch it out and begin sewing using either a zig zag or elastic (the 3 step zig zag) stitch.  When your elastic is sewn down where you want it then cut the elastic.  This is a good time to check for mistakes.  Make sure all the layers are sewn together.  You don't want holes! 


Turn the diaper inside out.  Stitch at least the opening closed if your are making an Aio or Fitted.  You can sew all the way around the diaper but I do just the front and wings.  I like the legs and back to turn in for a gentle roll.  Add your aplix or your laundering tabs now.  And Viola you are done.  Below you will find links to start you on your way.  If you need any further help don't hesitate to email me. 

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