How many diapers am I gonna have to buy?  How much will this cost me?  The 2 most basic questions encountered by those exploring the idea of cloth diapering.  Isn't not as intimidating as you may think! 

How many do I need?

For diapers and cover you will need:
Nbs - 36-48 diapers, 6-8 nb sized covers
Infants - 24-36 diapers, 4-6 covers (in each size if you need covers with your system)
Toddlers - 20-30 diapers, 4-6 covers.

Newborns will go through about 12 diapers a day. Infants about 10 and toddlers about 8. This will vary with each child and some will need more and others less. This is just an avg. Typically if you want to wash every other day you will want to make sure you have enough while you are washing and drying. Especially if you plan on hanging your diapers to dry. You will need 2 dozen wipes no matter what system you go with. You can def have more but less might lead to a shortage. 2 Snappis and 2 sets of pins are recommended for flats, prefolds, and contours. They are not necessary if using a wrap though.

Most children potty train before they need Toddler sized prefolds or large or Extra Large diapers. It is recommended that you not buy these unless you find you need them. Even if you have large babies newborns usually need newborn sized diapers and covers. Of course there are excpetions, I can imagine a 14 lb baby will not fit in nbs, but most 9-10 lbers still need nb sized diapers. And babies typically fit in the newborn size for at least 4-6 weeks some fit till 4 mos. Babies are generally in the medium size the longest.

How often do I change? Do I have to change more than with paper diapers?

You'll want to go no longer than 2 hours between diaper changes. Babies can wet as often as every 15 min, or they will hold it up and go a whole bunch at once. Even if the inside of the diaper is fleece, once a baby has peed the urine starts to break down and ammonia is sitting against their delicate skin. This is also true in paper diapers. With paper diapers they are so absorbant it is hard to tell if the baby has actually peed at all. Especially true if you have a light wetter.

Do I need special clothes, cds seem so bulky?

Cd do seem bulky at first because we are so used to paper diapers. If you stick with a trim system there should be no need to size up in clothes. There are certain cover and diaper combos that are really bulky, like fitteds and wool covers. If you decide to go with this system, be warned it is bulky and you may need to size up. Of course once you get used to the bubble butt look you will grow to love it :D.

How Much Will this cost me?Inital outlay seems so expensive?

You can spend as much or as little as you want when cding. The most expensive option is AIO and Pockets. Next would be fitteds and prefolds. The cheap of the cheap are the flats. If you want something easier but still not having to size up you'll want a onesize. Then of course you will want to look out for sales or buy used. For example if you go with prefolds and wraps you will spend about $325 for your entire diapering time compared with $2000 for the same amount of time in disposibles. The break down works like this:

36 infant sized prefolds - $72
6 nb sized covers - $60
3 doz wipes - $15
2 dozen premium - $48
4 covers in small - $40
4 covers in Medium - $40
4 covers in Large - $40
2 snappis or 2 sets of pins - $10 (they may need to be replaces over time)
$325 till potty training. If you need Toddler Size and Xl covers figure in another $60 for the diapers and $60 for covers. Still a bargin compared with paper diapers

How about Aios or pockets?
36 nb - $360
24 S - $288
24 m - $288
20 L - $240
3 dozen wipes - $15
$1191 - figure you can sell them all for $5 each for a total of $520 and you've spent $671. Or keep them for the next baby and yours diapering for free. I figure this based on bumkins, you may need to add more for fb or other more expensive aios.

Need something easy and cheap? how about a onesize!
Wonderoos: 30 at $15 = $450 plus inserts (your choice, pfs, flats, wonderfuls, etc)

Need something really really cheap? you'll want flats or perhaps make your own! Beware sewing your own is an addiction unto itself! Check out